Brussels – A 70-year-old woman Tuesday afternoon to life in a bizarre accident on the roof of the Delhaize in Heembeeksestraat. The women raced first in a voetgangster, and to bounce back afterwards, not against a wall. She died in the hospital.

The woman came to her with grocery shopping and driving her car to the dakparking up. There, things went badly wrong. She was a voetgangster on the roof, and bounce back later against a wall at the dakparking. Self-smakte they are at the front, and she was badly injured. Also, her brother next to her, sat down, was severely injured. Along with the voetgangster of the two to the hospital.

There passed away the woman, eventually, later in the day. The lady said that she aanreed, shall, in the meantime, again, the better. The dakparking continued on Wednesday with a full day to close. The woman’s laughter, and then pushed the wrong pedal.