The American and founder of PETA, the association for the protection of animals, Ingrid Newkirk, recently modified her will to add the name of the President of the French Republic. Indeed, this activist, defending the animal cause, has decided to bequeath something very special to Emmanuel Macron: one of his organs. The President will indeed receive, upon the death of Ingrid Newkirk, her liver. But for what purpose did this Ingrid Newkirk make this decision?

A great animal defender, she has on several occasions spoken out about the foie gras industry in France during campaigns and discussions with elected officials. Judging this act of extreme cruelty towards animals, the American decided to register the name of the French President to denounce this practice.

Anissa Putois, communication manager for the PETA France association, confided on the RTL set, recalling that foie gras is “a product that is so cruel, so symbolic of cruelty to animals, that we must put emphasis on this product, and to stop production”, and that “it becomes no longer tenable for the producers”.

She will also specify during this exchange, that the PETA association is today one of the shareholders of the LVMH group, the world leader in high quality products, with the aim of trying “to push internally to change the policy of the band”.

By being a shareholder, the association participates in the group’s shareholders’ meetings. Aiming to bring the discussion on the issue of animal abuse, the representatives of PETA therefore open the debate during these meetings to direct the group towards the right path.

The communication manager also reports to our colleagues that part of Ingrid Newkirk’s skin “will be tanned and transformed into a belt and a bag, offered to the French luxury house Hermès, which limits itself to making use of the skin of animals abused and killed in the name of fashion”.

Ingrid Newkirk not only inscribed the name of the French president, but many politicians. King Charles III of England is also mentioned there. Indeed, the American activist will bequeath, at her death, a piece of her neck to the defender of pigeon racing (breeding of racing pigeons in order to make them compete).

A third figure politician will also be given a piece of human body when Ingrid Newkirk dies. This is the King of Spain Felipe VI. Known throughout the world for his fight against bullfighting, the American activist has decided to register the name of the king, who will receive one of his ears upon his death.