Valérie Karsenti (Household Scenes) radiant: her most beautiful photos on the web


An actress adored by the French. Since 2009, Valérie Karsenti has been one of the heroines of the Household Scenes series on M6. Forming an endearing and funny couple with his José (Frédéric Bouraly), the interpreter of Liliane has gained popularity with viewers over the years.

“In the street, people sometimes call me Liliane, then we talk to each other and they remember that I’m not her. They are often disappointed, by the way…”, smiled the actress interviewed by TV Magazine in 2019. “And then, laughter is wonderful! It says it all”. Faced with such longevity success, Valérie Karsenti sometimes struggles to achieve after 14 seasons. “More seriously, if I had been told that Scenes of households would last ten years, I would have left running”.

Present every evening in the homes of millions of French people, Valérie Karsenti has also distinguished herself in other registers during her career. “Television offers me wonderful roles. The success of Scenes of households has opened doors for me”, assured the wife of François Feroleto in The New Republic in 2020. Multiplying its activities between television, cinema and theater, the actress knows how to reinvent herself in various registers.

Woman obsessed with money in Paris-Brest (Arte), mother looking for her daughter in La Fugue (France 2) or manipulator in Rebecca (TF1), Valérie Karsenti continues to surprise her audience. She will be on screen with Toulouse-Lautrec (soon on TF1), whose filming took place between France and Morocco since last spring.

With the evolution of her characters, Valérie Karsenti does not hesitate to pour out her relationship to age. “Aging well is difficult. (…) To age well, you must not be disappointed by life”, assures the actress to our colleagues, specifying. “I’m lucky to have good roles, professionally, aging is not a problem for me”. And, she proves it in particular by sharing with her fans photos of filming or on vacation on Instagram. Here is an anthology in our slideshow.