In the end there is finally agreement was reached on the Brexit. This is conrmed by both the British prime minister, Boris Johnson, and European commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. The European staatsleiders, the European and the British parliament must still approve.

The agreement reached Thursday morning, it was closed, got the green light from the European Commission. That is reported by the President of the commission, Juncker, in a letter to the European president, Donald Tusk. He speaks of “a fair and balanced agreement with the european union and in the United Kingdom, which bear witness to our commitment to find solutions”. Juncker orders Tusk to the European council, which is up to 15 hours of the launch in Brussels, belgium, subject to approval from the European union member states to search for it.

According to Barnier, was a “fair” and “reasonable” agreement. “We have done everything in our power, even in the last few days, in order to ensure that the government will be in a position to be the result of a positive evaluation,” said mr Barnier. He also pointed out that the amended text as “no real surprise” and not much different from the agreement reached with the previous prime minister, Theresa May, has been reached.

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the Johnson to: “anti-democratic backstop deprecated”:

In a separate tweet, writes to the British prime minister, Boris Johnson, that there was a “good deal” is reached, that is, the Uk is set to re-take control over its priorities in the future. “The anti-democratic backstop is to be abolished,” he writes on Twitter. “The people of Northern Ireland will be able to decide which laws to comply with.”

now Johnson is pulling all of months of hard leather against the backstop, the mechanism by which the Brexit-the agreement of his predecessor, Theresa May, was integrated, and that it was to avoid that ever again, the checks showed up on the border between Northern Ireland and other EU member state, the republic of Ireland. Because Britain is not, by itself, would be able to decide whether the ‘backstop’ to abolish the whole system, according to Johnson, “undemocratic”.

The new Brexit agreement to be its perfect match in a few ways, emphasized Johnson. “The people of Northern Ireland will be able to decide which laws it complies with, and will be the backstop to the law of the special agreement, < / I> () with the EU, ed.) if it wants to be.” The “re-conquest” of the control, it was Johnson and the other Brexiteers always possible to do so.

now Johnson is calling for the house of Commons, to make the text on Saturday to approve it. If that happens, it seems that the UK is well on the way to the 31st of October, the European Union, to abandon, three years after the Brexit referendum.

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Last stage

The negotiation of a property settlement lay Wednesday night to an agreement to initiate, after the agreement had been reached with the customs rules that, after Brexit, on the North of Ireland, as may be applicable. Due to a disagreement regarding, among other things, the tax regime that applied to trade flows on the island of Ireland managed to do so at first, but then Thursday morning, it was a deal that was found.

of Approval in the British parliament

This is the Brexit is not yet final and it is not only the European staatsleiders, and the European Parliament need to be in Brussels for their approval, including in the united states. the deal is yet to ratify it. And, as Theresa May, the pastor of Johnson proved to be, it is by no means a foregone conclusion. They had reached an agreement with the EU, which was three times voted down in the house of Commons.

now, As Johnson is only on a very shaky majority in the parliament, is approved by the vote, currently scheduled for Saturday – not a mere formality. In particular, the ten members of parliament from Northern Ireland, nationalist, DUP, which is Thursday morning for all their support for the agreement, introkken, seem to be a particularly difficult hurdle to be likely.

“As the prime minister, at the European commission President says he has the agreement and can approve it, I could see how if a politician thought that he has confidence in his ability to get a majority of the members of the parliament, to convince it”, commented an EU diplomat Barnier said ahead of. “But in this house, will come a day when you have to take responsibility and to perform it was decided to hold a referendum and has been supported by successive Uk governments.”

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Extra-Eu summit?

the , such As an EU diplomat, was located Thursday morning had passed away, it is also possible that one of the heads of state and/or government at the summit to put on the brakes, as if he or she had, the agreement itself is thorough, we want to be able to study.

that’s Why in the European area taking into account the fact that for the end of October and an additional European council to be inserted. The top can also be meet for the state of affairs of the debate, in the house of Commons, with the agreement of his. Then no deal, or a new delay for the Brexit, the only two remaining options.
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