Progressive retirement is a device that allows an insured person to receive part of their retirement pensions, basic and supplementary, while maintaining a part-time activity. It is possible to stop this procedure in different cases such as the resumption of full-time activity, the occurrence of additional part-time work or the definitive liquidation of your pension rights. Find out how to request the end of your progressive retirement.

It is possible to stop the payment of your progressive retirement in different scenarios. Thus, you can completely end your part-time activities before retirement age or cease all your part-time activities as of retirement age. In this way, the payment of your progressive retirement will be interrupted. It can also end when you choose to start another part-time activity: in the event that you accumulate new pension rights, your progressive retirement also stops.

If your progressive retirement also ends when you resume full-time activity, it ends when your pension rights are liquidated. Your pension is then calculated according to the quarters and the rights acquired throughout your career, but also your period of progressive retirement. The amount of your progressive retirement is then replaced by your full pension: this sum takes into account, this time, the amount of the pension calculated initially and the additional rights. It cannot be less than the amount of progressive retirement.