The naked madness – What in 90 years on the Lauberhorn everything wear has a clever teacher, an extra layer for the photographer, an unplanned Overtaking: memories of three ten memorable moments during the Lauberhorn race in Wengen.0 comment Christian Rubi, the first winner of the Lauberhorn race, in 1930, was in Wengen as a ski instructor, taken in January 1946. Photo: Keystone/photo-press-Archiv1930: The fast-paced British at the Premiere of

On rank 17, no Swiss, no Austrians drives. No, a British woman! About 20 male competitors can be the lady, of the only the last name Carroll is said to have been at the Lauberhorn Premiere behind. It is the time in which the spectators are very close to the track. And you don’t know say permission from hear. The newspaper “Sport” writes: “We make no secret of the fact that this Sport is the Sport of the woman.”

1939: abbreviation thanks to a school class Eder uncrowned king of the Lauberhorn race, Karl Molitor, locking in the departure of the victory, contrary to received on 21. January 1945. Molitor dominated in the forties, the Lauberhorn race, and with a total of 11 Wins, 6 second and 3 third places of the most successful athletes on the Lauberhorn.Photo: Keystone/photo-press-archive

On the evening before the race, Wengen teacher at Karl Molitor reports. Together with his students, he has been trudging a 150-Meter-long shortcut in the route, the official helpers, for their part, were employed in order to cushion the trees with mattresses from the surrounding Hotels. Where the others have a curve to the right to drive, is to control the local hero of the goal directly. He doesn’t dither for long and takes the immoral offer. Although he rushes battens with its 220 cm long wood, he gets but and wins. With A 9 Seconds Lead.

1945: If the “Schilthorn” is available at the Start

your name no one shall know. Because they are interned during the Second world war as refugees in Mürren inter. And so start the six Italians under pseudonyms such as “lightning”, “Thunder” or “Schilthorn”. With “lightning” was Zeno Colò meant, stopped the departure, as a third party and, later, Olympic and world championship Gold wins.

1965: The somewhat hasty photographer Karl Schranz in action in the downhill at the world Cup race at the Lauberhorn in Wengen. However, in 1965, he imagines himself early as a winner.Photo: Keystone/photo-press-archive

Dominator Karl Schranz is already win interviews. But once the fog lifts; as Stefan Sodat starts with number 30, the sun shines. The Austrians drives sensational best time – and the photographers in front of problems. They have Packed their bags long ago. Why Sodat is asked to walk again to the target’s high-rise, so that images can be taken.

1970: Two courses at the same time driving in a chaotic slalom race surprisingly on the fifth place: the 20-year-old Swiss Heini Hemmi, started with the high number of 85.Photo: Keystone/photo-press-archive

No joke: As Walter Tresch with the number 78 on his first slalom run in attack, will take place on the slopes next to the second passage. There are so many drivers reported that the runs overlap in time. Also no joke: The most spectators to watch the late-starting young Swiss, but not the Best, driving in the second run for the victory.

1976: The birth of the “Canadian Corner”Dave Irwin on 9. In January 1976 he had sustained shortly before his heavy crash with a concussion and broken ribs. Photo: Keystone/photo-press-archive

A 180-degree turn, the driver will need to lie down after the dog hair. The curve according to the Minsch edge, which is to turn in flight, Dave Irwin and Ken Read’s downfall. The Canadians risking a lot, to be whirled through the air and tumble towards wengernalp railway. With the brain shock, you land in the hospital – the Passage is called since then the “Canadian Corner”.

1980: Peter Müller in the Luggage coaches of Swiss Peter Müller departs at 19. January 1980, his victory in the Lauberhorn downhill in the opposite.Photo: Keystone

In the first of two departures of Peter Miller is on the road to Victory. He does, however, the error is only Fourth. The disappointment is huge, even in the media. A Journalist responds to research-based, Miller says after the Interview, he was coming now as the largest pipe. 24 hours later, he took a train to the Kleine Scheidegg, because the train cars are crowded, he sits in spite of heavy Wind in the open baggage car. With vented head, he goes to the Start and wins.

1985: The Portuguese without a rear-view mirror

Not all are competitive in the downhill training. Most significantly, and Connor O’brien feels this. The native canadian goes to a Nations exchange for Estonia, the homeland of his mother. He afterwards may only Last one go and locking the Best significantly. And yet Unique: O’brien succeeds him, today millions of top Manager, catches up with before it started, completely baffled Portuguese Luis-Felipe Santos-Marques. Fortunately, there is no collision.

1987: Zurbriggen out on a limb Pirmin Zurbriggen, with his victory in the combination at the origin of the debate about the meaning of the two-parter.Photo: Keystone

It is a world Cup victory, which will be presented on the serving tray: all-rounder, Pirmin, the combination Zurbriggen wins. Where he is to and for also Last. Because He is the only driver in the standings. Only the Valais has) for the departure (rank 9) and the Slalom (10.enrolled. Which is why the discussions about the sense and nonsense of the two-parter to go.

1991: The worst Day image that has seared into the memory: Gernot Reinstadler is transported to his fall.Photo: Keystone

The ski world is in shock: In the time still on the program, and the qualifying exit Reinstadler in the target tilted Gernot-S and flies unhindered to the safety net. A tip of the ski is caught in what the 20-year-old Tyrolean suffers a pelvic cleavage, and serious injury in the abdomen. The following night he dies, all of the races to be cancelled. As a result of the accident section are developed solid Abweisplanen and the Wengener target jump massively mitigated.

2007: The clever Austria’s Mario Matt celebrates after his victory in the combination. His victory remains controversial.Photo: Keystone

In the combined downhill and Mario Matt is only 34. And yet he is allowed to open up the Slalom, because Austria is Responsible for the smell of the Roast and your contender for help: Hermann Maier and Georg streitberger and two other competitors on the zig-zag run. Matt, in turn, uses the perfect slope, which should later be barely rideable, and actually wins. Not a few speak of a scandal of race. Soon after the rule is changed who does not join in the departure in the Top 30, do not move.

2007: The “füdliblutte” Austria Rainer Schönfelder makes good on his fancy betting debt and is photographed.Photo: EQ Images

Slalom-specialist, Rainer Schönfelder has after a fall in the previous week, severe pain, he wants to leave from Wengen, but since his physical therapist conjures up one last ACE from his Sleeve. He uses a special manual therapy. And beautiful fields promises: “If it is of no use, then I’m going down tomorrow, naked in the mountain.” Betting debts are debts of honor; because the downhill training is cancelled due to the heat intrusion, shuts down the Austrians in addition to the slopes, only with a helmet on the head. A photographer shoots the picture of his life, it is printed in Japan and Mexico, Cyprus and the USA. As a punishment fields gets nice a day social work ended up. To his Fans he is celebrated.

2017: A certain man behind not first and foremost”I realize what’s going on”Niels behind man talks about his surprising combination victory on the Lauberhorn.Video: Tamedia

once Again, combination, again unfair terms: Due to weather conditions, the Slalom is held before departure. The Zurich Niels behind the man, with the reference of space 21 as the world Cup best result came is 23. In the end, he wins. In front of “sizes”, such as Maxence Muzaton and Frederic Berthold. Because of the snow, if the departure becomes a total lottery, the organizers must duly corners of criticism.

2020: Feuz for the third beat Feuz wins on LauberhornDer the Bernese triumphed for the third Time in the downhill of Wengen.Video: SRF

Beat Feuz crowns with his third victory in the downhill after 2012 and 2018, and finally to the king of the deciduous horns. He sets for the third victory, even his health. He waived at his home race on the Wear of a Rail on the left Hand, which should protect his broken metacarpal bone. Because the Start will be moved to the bottom, the 32-Year-old all his strength for the flat at the beginning of the piece. “This is certainly not recommended, I wouldn’t do that at every race, but I risked it.”


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