According to the understanding of the Austrian interior Minister, Herbert Kickl (FPÖ) has to follow the law of the policy. He wants to know understood that elected politicians make in Parliament, the legislature. But that’s not it, what has been said Kickl.

He represents as Minister of the interior, undoubtedly the Executive and did not keep to the right, as long as the legislature changes it with a valid majority. For days he flirts, he would not want to ignore the applicable rules of the Geneva Convention on refugees and the European Convention on human rights, because it considers the time according to. In Austria, constitutional law.

Kickl know, of course, that he can’t change that. He is, not for the first Time in his short term in office, with these irresponsible statements such as an opposition politician. If the thought leaders of the FPÖ acts but as an oppositional U-boat in the government, then he threatens to Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and the bourgeois ÖVP be unbearable. And then?