Holidays placed under the sign of rest. For several weeks, many of the presenters have abandoned television sets in order to take several well-deserved days off. While some have decided to take advantage of the wonders of France, others have gone to the land of Uncle Sam, like Faustine Bollaert, flagship host of the program Ca begins today.

According to her recent photos posted on her Instagram account, the wife of the writer Maxime Chattam would have gone to the United States, more precisely to Los Angeles with her brother. The 43-year-old star also shared snaps of her children discovering the Harry Potter theme park before visiting “an abandoned zoo (husband’s idea),” she captioned one of her publications.

Unlike his colleague, host Christophe Beaugrand has settled down on the Côte d’Azur. It is in a magnificent villa typical of the region that he enjoys his holidays in the company of his relatives. On the program: swimming, going out with loved ones and lazing around! He is not the only one to have left for the south of France. The sublime Karine Ferri settled there a few weeks ago for the summer holidays. Discover in photos the holidays of your favorite animators.