Temperatures have started to decline in recent days in many French departments. However, summer is not over yet and other heat waves are expected to shake up the daily lives of holidaymakers and workers alike by the end of the month.

The week that begins on Monday August 8 should thus be marked by a new wave of strong heat throughout the territory. According to some experts, this could even lead to a fourth heat wave which could be devastating because it would aggravate the already worrying drought situation in France.

According to meteorologist Gilles Matricon for La Chaîne Météo, this heat wave is explained by the persistence of high pressures over Eastern Europe.

“These anticyclones prevent disturbances from passing over our country and slow down the stormy evolution. Oscillating between Ireland and Germany, these high pressures influence the direction of the winds: when they turn to the northeast, it makes temperatures drop a little, then when it turns south, the heat intensifies.This process has been repeated tirelessly since July 1. It should be noted that these changes in air masses occur without thunderstorms, this which increases the drought,” he explains.

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*This article is based on Météo France weather forecasts for August 8, 2022 at 11 a.m. which are subject to change.