Weather: Warmth worthy of July expected this Wednesday


As predicted, France is witnessing a heatstroke this week, caused by a flow of hot air from the south. This Wednesday a peak in temperature is expected, with a national thermal index, that is to say an average temperature in France, exceeding normal by 5.6°C, according to La Chaîne Météo.

We are in the middle of October, and the temperatures felt in certain territories, without wind and in the sun, should reach 35°C. Longer nights are not synonymous with great cooling either: indeed, the minimum temperature records for the month of October were broken in Aude and Tarn on Monday.

The ebb of summer heat in October is not a first, as La Chaîne Météo explains. Very similar temperatures were recorded in 2017 and 2019. However, these heat strokes tended to occur during the first half of the month. The current situation would therefore be unprecedented due to its late arrival, during the second half of October.

Once the peak of good weather is reached tomorrow, heavy rain and thunderstorms are expected to cool temperatures from Wednesday evening. This wave of bad weather should make its way from the West to the Northeast overnight from Wednesday to Thursday.

In the meantime, the South and the South-West are the territories that will experience real summer heat. In the North and the Center, for example, temperatures will warm up pleasantly but will remain around 20°C.

Planet has listed for you the 17 departments where the heat will reach at least 26°C.