Reality shows have not had it easy this year in Quebec: intimidation scandal at Occupation double, toxic candidate at L’amour est dans le pré, outcry against If we love each other, nebulous expulsion at Survivor… Fortunately, there are Chiefs. Week after week, the culinary tele-hook led by Élyse Marquis entertains us without making too many waves. Apart from the recurring (but fortunately short-lived) segment devoted to generic Colombe St-Pierre proverbs, this 12th season is — so far, at least — as delicious as a Paris-Brest style choux pastry with praline cream. This week, the eight candidates will have to make three different sandwiches. Unsurprisingly, no ham-tomato-slice of Kraft cheese trio appears on the menu.

We missed this news item at the very start of the pandemic, probably too busy washing our groceries: in March 2020, two New York singles who had met on Hinge, a love app, decided to fly to Costa Rica to mark their third date. They were stuck there for more than two months. Yes, we judge the two lovebirds solidly when they decide to take advantage of the discount flights to spend a few days in the sun when everything closes around them, but a few minutes later, we are surprised to be so emotionally invested. in their relationship. A story that could inspire scriptwriters of romantic comedies out of ideas.

You may feel like you know everything about the Mont-Carmel affair, this Montreal seniors’ residence populated by tenants that a real estate developer is trying to chase away. After watching Tout le monde en parle, following every development in the media and hearing Noémi Mercier discuss it on various platforms, you probably feel that you are going to waste your time with this one-hour documentary entirely devoted to the David versus Goliath-style fight. currently being pursued in court. Well no. This is a sad, shocking and inspiring story, especially when describing the resistance of the group. Another true story that could be the subject of a film adaptation… provided it has a Hollywood ending…

Written by Erika Soucy (Léo) and directed by Hervé Baillargeon (Six Degrees), this 13-episode comedy-drama tells the story of Stéphanie, a mother raising her two daughters in a small North Shore community. Back from a yoga retreat (which was actually a getaway with her lover), she is surprised that everyone thinks she is depressed… According to the trailer posted online in March, Bianca Gervais finally seems to have landed a role in which she can sink her teeth into, with all her talent. The pearls should make us discover new faces, like Cassandra Latreille, Anouk Tanguay and Sharon Fontaine-Ishpatao. Bruno Marcil, Camille Felton and Linda Malo (!) will also appear in the credits.