Autumn is coming. At the beginning of the week, if the weather should remain summery over most of the territory, localized thunderstorms and in some cases accompanied by hail should still counterbalance this in several regions.

However, as the week progresses, summer temperatures as well as the presence of the sun on the territory should decline to give way to weather and temperatures closer to those of autumn.

Thus, Wednesday will be the day when the weather should be the most degraded this week. We will then witness, over a large part of France, a passage of rainy and stormy disturbances which will cross the territory from West to East. During this time, the South-East will witness an upwelling of unstable air from the Mediterranean which will bring a risk of intense rains or even thunderstorms.

These meteorological events will result in a general drop in temperatures which will be closer to seasonal norms. An autumnal climate could thus be perceived before the end of the week, a first for several months, reports La Chaîne Météo. Until then, temperatures should generally hold, with the exception of certain territories.

Today, if the sun and the heat will remain the majority on the territory, 21 departments should still suffer hailstorms. Find the complete list of the areas concerned in our slideshow.

*These forecasts are based on the Météo France bulletin of September 5, 2022 at 11 a.m. and are subject to change.