This Wednesday, June 8 will not really look like summer for part of France, and you will have to put on your rain boots and not go out without your umbrella this afternoon in many departments.

Indeed, “an active oceanic disturbance is sweeping France from west to east bringing copious rains followed by locally stormy showers”, specifies the Weather Channel.

For its part, Météo France this morning places 34 departments on yellow alert for the risk of thunderstorms. The disruptions are expected to spread throughout the day, and could last late into the night.

And only a few coastal areas of the Bay of Biscay and the Mediterranean coast should escape, in any case, the rain this afternoon, according to the latest bulletin.

In terms of temperatures, it is not yet time for the new heat peak, announced a little later in the week. It will be up to 26°C in Marseille this afternoon, and a minimum of 14°C in the East. Tomorrow, France will regain some semblance of calm after the storm: sunshine is forecast almost everywhere, and temperatures are rising.

In our slideshow, find out what time thunder is likely to rumble in your department today*.

After the violent episodes of last weekend, caution is therefore required in the face of the risk of thunderstorms. If your department is concerned, Météo France recommends to remain attentive to the evolution of the climate, and to keep informed during the day.

In the event of severe disruption, postpone your outdoor activities and take shelter.

* according to the Météo France bulletin of June 8, 2022 at 6 a.m.