It was a campaign promise. While he was “only” outgoing president and candidate for his own re-election, Emmanuel Macron undertook to revalue the pension of retirees, whose purchasing power has plummeted at high speed since the start of the inflationary crisis. . The latter, as Planet has already explained, results from many factors, the two most prominent of which are none other than the health crisis and the war in Ukraine. Prices have risen, while the incomes of our ancestors have not increased. Worse ! For years, we had to deal with the freezing of pensions, recalls Notre Temps.

In fact, said the executive, we can expect a revaluation of retirement pensions during the summer. The latter will only concern the part coming from the general scheme and could represent a gain of 45 to 50 euros for a total of 1,200 euros per month. This amounts to an exceptional rate of around 4%, which is insufficient according to some unions. The latter are indeed demanding a rate of 4.5%, or at least 54 euros.

“Given the prices, the situation is being confirmed, the war will last, I think that we must index the pensions of our elders from this summer because there is already inflation”, declared Emmanuel Macron on April 6, 2022 on the set of TF1. Since then, the new Minister of Labor has been able to clarify the thoughts of the President of the Republic. “We want this inflation indexation to be valid for July pensions. Under the general scheme, the July pension is paid on August 9,” said Olivier Dussopt.

But should we think that this new revaluation will be the last of the year?

In fact, you should not rely only on the retirement pension from the general scheme, recalls L’Internaute on its site. Two other pensions exist and could potentially be upgraded.

This is the case, for example, of the retirement pension of civil servants. This is referred to as the “additional public service pension (RAFP)”. It represents up to 20% of the gross annual remuneration of former public service employees.

And good news for the latter: “the increase in pensions on July 1, 2022 should be greater for civil servants”, write our colleagues.

All that remains is the supplementary pensions of French women and men who have gone through the workforce – or, at the very least, the private sector -. Their supplementary pension is transferred, as Planet has had the opportunity to explain on more than one occasion, by Agirc-Arrco.

It is generally revalued once a year, in November. Last year, it was revised upwards by 1%. However, it is also important to remember that it is not the state that has control over the issue. As the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire recently reminded us, it is up to the social partners to agree on this question.