Marcia De Wachter, former president of the National Bank, and is currently a council member for CD&V), in Tervuren, and has in The event, on Friday, the’ hard out for there, the Flemish prime minister Jan Jambon (N-VA). “In a style that reminds me of the non-productive, narcissistic style of Donald Trump or Boris Johnson.”

According to The Guardian, which has in the past worked in the government of CD&V prime minister, Wilfried Martens, has it made a big difference with the current government, and the governments, “at the end of the twentieth century.” “Where there used to be a team, made it, and with one voice, and one clear, the project is now at the beginning of a new style, a style that, to me, is reminiscent of the non-productive, narcissistic style of Donald Trump or Boris Johnson.”

The Guard put out is not the way to who they are, exactly, with the equation referred to. “Ham,” was the positive. “He didn’t even make the effort to be modest, to argue that he was 300 pages, it offers up, without a budget for it, which I think is a sign of no confidence. The style in which he, in his circles, it says I have to go to the begrotingstabellen does not happen. The way in which this communication… a communication strategy, which is imitated in a number of countries that have autocratic leaders, but, in my opinion, that is the exact opposite of what is needed in order for a team to do that is to orient you to the real problems of our country.”

The right and denounce the ongoing poor of the counterparty”. “Whether north-south or the other of the political parties. She put them down, at an angle to push… just Look at Boris Johnson, he’s doing the exact same thing.”

More about john Ham and with The return of Jean-Marie Dedecker: “it is a theatre, in the coffee room, it is more important than that of the hemisphere as a” Ham, “Europe must be firm action against Turkey,” Pol Van Den Driessche is a diplomatic adviser of the Ham family allowances, financial support, and even on wheelchairs that are going to be the new Flemish government to save you: “well, This is completely contrary to the agreements”