Weather: 12 departments on alert for rain-flooding


Christmas weekend has never been so close. While the school holidays have already started for a week now, the weather has softened for a few days. And, this momentum should continue for the weekend of December 24 and 25. If this is good news for many French people, these higher temperatures will not necessarily be a sign of good weather.

For the day of Saturday, it is thus a slightly disturbed weather which will concern the northern two thirds of the country which should therefore experience cloudy weather with several showers, analyze the experts of La Chaîne Météo. Thus, it is mainly in the axis between Franche-Comté and the Alps that the precipitation will be present with even a few snowflakes in the heights.

For the evening, it is a similar dynamic which should be maintained with temperatures that are still particularly mild, and therefore no risk of frost or snow in the plain. It will thus be 9°C near Lille or Montpellier or 11°C in Paris or Bordeaux, according to Météo France forecasts for December 23 at 12:30 p.m.

Regarding this Friday, December 23, the rain should be even more present in several regions. Météo France classified 12 departments on alert for rain-flooding in its report for Friday, December 23 at 10 a.m. Among these departments, 10 are in yellow and 2 in orange. Discover in our slideshow the complete list of areas affected by this heavy rainfall.