The beginning of each new year is synonymous with renewal and change. The good resolutions that you will certainly take are part of it. However, some more trivial things also fit on our Georgian calendar, such as certain government measures, aid or even special offers.

Nothing prevents you from planning this type of administrative change well in advance, in order to anticipate possible additional costs likely to impact your monthly budget, for example. This end of the year is particularly marked by the end of aid and the decline in purchasing power…

The beginning of 2023 will mark, in fact, mainly the end of several measures that had been put in place as part of the legislative purchasing power package. The tariff shield applying to gas being raised to 15% is just one example among others. Also plan for changes on the tax side of things.

Most of these changes have their origin in the texts of the finance bill for the year 2023, debated long, wide and across for several weeks. Now, the final versions of all sections of the project have been adopted, and can therefore enter into force as early as January. These texts were adopted, in their entirety, by the invocation of paragraph 49, paragraph 3 of the constitution by Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne.

Find all the things to do before the changes of the new year below, according to Capital.