National humiliation of Hungary This will remain forever unjust
National humiliation of Hungary This will remain forever unjust

National humiliation of Hungary – “This will remain forever unjust”one hundred years Ago, Hungary lost in the Treaty of Trianon, two-thirds of its territory. The anniversary of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán uses for nationalist purposes.Peter Münch and Tobias Zick, 1 Kommentar1Doppelbödiger dealing with the Trianon: Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister of Hungary.Photo:

It is a silent tribute on Thursday, when the signing of the Treaty of Trianon to 100. Anniversary. In Budapest, the green mayor Gergely Karácsony has called on the citizens to 16.30 o’clock to a minute’s silence. Trams, subways and buses will then stop. But, in the big Celebration that was planned, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán for the day, will fail, because the Corona pandemic casts its shadow on the memory. Larger events are prohibited.

The unveiling of a massive Trianon monument to wait opposite the Parliament in Budapest, is a must. 100 meters is the memorial long and four meters wide – a low-slung ramp made of granite, in whose walls the names of 12’537 villages and cities are engraved, which were once part of the Kingdom of Hungary. With this walk-on “monument of national unity” provides the government the loss to the Look, the Hungarians suffered on that 4. In June 1920 by the victorious powers of the First world war forced signing of the Treaty of Trianon.

It was the last of the Paris suburb of contracts, named after a former pleasure Palace of the French kings, and the agreement called for much of Hungary: Two-thirds of its territory were lost, the Slovakia and the Carpatho-Ukraine had to be assigned to the new Czechoslovakia, Transylvania and a large part of the Banat to Romania, and Vojvodina to the new Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, Burgenland went to Austria.

Hungary declined from 18 to only 7.6 million inhabitants. More than three million Magyars lived on, beyond the limits. Trianon was Hungary has become a Synonym for loss and a national humiliation.

pandemic-due to the inauguration have to wait: The Trianon memorial in Budapest.Photo: AFP

For Premier Orbán, the Trauma of Trianon is a Central component of its politics of history, which is always power politics. “What is unjust, will remain forever unjust” is to be set on the Mantra: “time heals no Amputation.” In order to maintain the victim-myth style he has after his assumption of office in 2010 by law the 4. June for the “day of national unity”, explains.

His handling of Trianon is not open to revisionist, but usual, ambiguous: on the one Hand, he stresses the good relations to the neighbouring countries with Hungarian minorities. But on the other hand, he said, is 1920, almost a quarter of a century in Hungary, the ruling Empire Locum Tenens Miklós Horthy, who had raised the Revision of the Trianon to the doctrine of the state, an “extraordinary statesman”.

Orbán has detected that the memory of Trianon, political capital can be beat, for example, in foreign policy, if he pulls against the partners in the European Union to the field, and Hungary, to protect against the influence of “foreign powers” promises. Domestically, this gives him the ground for the new nationalist policy. Moreover, he has secured a loyal following among the Hungarians in the Diaspora, which he has offered since 2010, the double citizenship and thus the right to vote.

Around a Million Hungarians have adopted the like, and may be regarded as loyalty to the voters of Orbán’s Fidesz party. In addition, the Budapest and promotes government with Millions of schools, or associations of the Hungarian minority beyond the borders. For example in Romania, where many of the approximately 1.2 million ethnic Hungarians, even as a child the Text of the Székely anthem have learned: “We have to dust were crushed in a sea of battles.” The chorus culminates in the brief prayer: “God, let it not be lost Transylvania.”

armed with a head of state of Romania

Just this fear, namely that Transylvania would be lost, however, in the other direction, triggered the end of April a scandal at the state top. Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis, in turn, ethnic minority, and although the German-born, railed at a media conference While he was against the Corona of a pandemic and, thus, the “life of Romanians” fights, was employed by the Opposition in order “to fight behind the Scenes about Transylvania, the Hungarians too”.

critics in their own country, Iohannis gave, he, of all people, the winner of the Charlemagne prize, for outstanding contributions to European unification, stoking resentment against already disadvantaged Hungarian minority. Hungary’s government summoned the Romanian Ambassador in Budapest: The country’s foreign Minister, accused the Romanian President, the “inciting hatred”.

the exhibit from the Trianon Museum in Budapest: A map of the borders of Hungary, shows before and after the 4. June 1920.Photo: AFP

Viktor Orbán, in turn, benefited from the failure of the Romanian President: He got a further opportunity to present themselves to the anniversary of the trauma of Trianon, as a protector of the in the neighboring country of oppressed Hungary, on top of that, Yes, they all have accepted his offer of double citizenship, are allowed to vote in Hungary.

have him in the dispute with the Romanian President, elated, sent Orbán, the Hungarian history students via Facebook a greeting to the exam: a photo of a globe, on the Land shown within the limits prior to the 1920’s, the “Great-Hungary” also included significant portions of present-day Croatia.

The Croatian President Zoran Milanović did not, however, provoke yourself. He taught, also via Facebook, a wish to the students of his own country: they want to please. no old maps to post, the Croatia bigger appear than it is today “In our closets and archives,” there is indeed such maps, said the President. But: “does not share them, and do not take them into your Profiles. You are not on time and no longer relevant – and, more importantly, they irritate our neighbors about all of the masses.”

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