the New roadmap, new luck – actually, the Deutsche Bahn wanted to come up on Monday with good news. More space, more comfort, more Connections, the promise to the already unnerved customers. What actually came was a Chaos in the rail transport: Four-hour strike and a more or less total failure on the tracks, almost the entire day, there will be delays on a broad Front.

it was and also the road is affected: Alone in North Rhine-Westphalia amounted to the congestion on a length of, at times, more than 400 kilometers. The EVG rail Union boasted of the “force of the strike”. And this “” do force of the anger among the workers was that in the current bargaining round there was still no conclusion to offer.

that may be true, but it is the thing really worth it? Of course, unions are free, in the Clinch with employers, their claims with working suspensions. But even in such collective disputes, a sense of proportion is wrong. Otherwise only those are punished who deserve it the least, and without which nothing at all: the train drivers, who fill the coffers of the railway running. And consider, perhaps, whether you want to do in the future. Then the strike would have failed in his goal.