Bruges (brugge) –

we are a long-standing neighbourly dispute over tree, the labour court in Bruges, it is focused on the forced sale of a home. Alan D. has refused for years to get his trees to remove, allowing him to impose periodic penalty payments of more than 800,000 euros have to pay for it.

next door to D. went several times to a justice of the peace, as they have been hindered by the trees, the man. The judge ruled that the trees should be located close to the property line was. Alan D. has been required for the tree to remove it, but refused because they are said to be a big emotional value.

The self-imposed penalties have since been increased to more than 800 000 euros. To make his case, to be able to pay it off early) d) a composition with creditors, to. In the aanzuiveringsplan took the schuldenregelaar the sale of the house, but I do not agree to this. The labour court ruled in december 2018 and that the house is actually sold, shall be in order for the debt to be cleared. That decision was signed) D. appeal to it.

“We’re looking for there are good grounds to have a solution, sir,” argued his lawyer, Ellen Eneman. It has been suggested that the imposition of a penalty payment outside of the composition with creditors and to keep the analogy with the law relating to the bankruptcy. In that case, it would have to be D. to his house and be able to keep up. The attorney for D. wants to, at least, that on this question, a question to the Constitutional Court. – Alain D., stressed at the hearing that such trees as early as February 2015 have been transplanted. “They didn’t have to do it because of the trees, but only to enrich themselves.”

The opposing cast to (d) the grounds and regularly left verwilderen. “It was started up in 2008 or 2009, with a reconciliation to the justice of the peace, but the man didn’t have to talk,” said the master to Peter Becker. According to the neighbors, it has to be D. to his current problems are caused by the compulsory removal of the trees will be a long time in addition to it.

finally, The labour court will pass a judgment on the 18th of October.