Vinted: an addict’s tips for doing good business


From the skirt that’s too small to the dress that you no longer like, Vinted is a community market that makes the heyday of second-hand. A few months ago, Planet shared with you the advice of a reader to sell her clothes well… But the platform is also full of people looking for bargains. This is the case of Alice, 27, who only buys her clothes via this private sales application. This schoolteacher places an order at least once a month and, over several years of use, has come up with her own strategy for getting dressed for less.

“On Vinted, I buy items from old collections that I have spotted on the Internet but which are no longer available or which cost too much. This prevents me from buying new and consuming excessively”, confides the twenty-something. “Often, I buy sneakers or clothes. I also sometimes buy gifts for my sister there because she is very sensitive to the second hand too. It is very practical for certain specific items such as a pair shoes in very good condition which are worth 120 euros but which are found at 30 euros on the application, it is very accommodating”, she continues.

To pay less, Alice is particularly fond of the save searches feature. “If I’m looking for a beige coat from H

“Each time I have to save at least 50% of the price of the item. If I buy a sweater that I saw for 50 euros online, I will never buy it for less than 25 euros because it does not not worth it between the service and delivery costs”, comments the 27-year-old young woman. Before giving a last piece of advice: “Summer is the perfect opportunity to make your wardrobe: people resell what they no longer wear every year, you end up with very advantageous prices”.