The Miss France make their voices heard. By winning the crown and the sash on the evening of the election hosted for several years by the historic Jean-Pierre Foucault, these candidates see their lives changed overnight. A popular figure acclaimed by the majority of French people, the lucky winner has access to many privileges and opportunities.

A few days after her coronation on December 11, 2021, Diane Leyre confided in Planet about her great media marathon and her public appearances. “We did six days of promotions following my coronation and we did a lot of media, around fifty. It’s a pretty busy pace.” However, the sublime Parisian recognized that “people recognize us in the street with or without a scarf. That did not prevent me from continuing to take the metro”.

Thanks to her title, Diane Leyre has played her role as an ambassador with each appearance in the media. Like her previous colleagues, she also had the opportunity to walk the red carpets of major prestigious events. For the first time during the year of her reign, Miss France 2022 took her first steps on the radio by co-hosting the morning show of Virgin Radio with Guillaume Genton and Fabien Deslettres.

A unique experience for the young Parisian, comfortable behind a microphone and who is not afraid of being judged on her appearance. “Look, today I’m on the radio in the morning of Virgin Radio, an unfilmed medium. And it’s nice to just hear my voice, and to discover me like this. an evolution, even if one is elected on the basis of physics. But it is a whole …”, she declared for Télé Loisirs.

While she will have to give up her title this Saturday, December 17 in Châteauroux during the 93rd election on TF1, will Diane Leyre continue to wake up the French every morning or rather aim for other projects? “I’m continuing on the radio and I’m going to write a book on the real reasons for my candidacy for Miss France, on the backstage of my year of reign and on what the crown has revealed about me”, she confirmed to our colleagues.

Former Miss France have also followed their path to radio like Malika Ménard, host of the morning show of M Radio with Vincent Cerutti since last August. Or Iris Mittenaere in 2020 on Chérie FM. For the occasion, Planet invites you to discover those who have been hosts or columnists on the radio in the images below.