Plug-in-Hybrid – Up to 66 km in all-electric range Eder fashionable Range Rover Evoque and Land Rover Discovery Sport rolls as a Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) CO2 emissions from 43 g/km at the Start.Thomas Geiger1 Kommentar1Der handsome Compact SUV, the Range Rover Evoque, with Plug-in Hybrid drive to the clean man. Photo: Land Rover, thanks to the 309 HP system performance of practical Land Rover Discovery sprints in 6.6 seconds to reach a speed 100.1 / 2

SUV stand on climate pillory, and Land Rover has a Problem because the SUV is currently selling so poorly and the success of the CO2 balance and thus for the accountant. Finally, you have to pay for each gram in excess of the Norm soon high penalties. Therefore, the British want to hit two birds with one stone and upgrade to the Range Rover, the Evoque and the Discovery Sport to a part-time wander: From the summer onwards, there are two unequal siblings to prices starting from 59’600 Swiss francs for the fine and 75’500 Swiss francs for practical brother under the symbol 300e also as a Plug-in hybrid with a fuel consumption that remains, at least in theory, the test formula is free from any criticism. Because the Evoque is 1.9 litres, and the Discovery Sport with the 2.0 liters in the list.

For a good Conscience on the Boulevard, and moguls, Land Rover has a completely new engine developed. The front, under the hood is a 1.3 – litre large – or for the brand by small, turbocharged gasoline engine with 200 HP is therefore, in the future, to the rear axle E is mounted on the machine with 109 HP, and in between, there is a new 8-speed automatic, as well as a buffer battery of 15 kWh, the ducks under the back seat. He supplies the electric motor with enough power for 68 and 64 km and a top speed of 135 km/h. And if both motors work together with the United 309 HP, it goes quite fast: From 0 to 100 accelerates the Evoque in 6.4, and the Discovery in 6.6 seconds, and the conclusion is h. at 213, or 209 km/But who cares today in Switzerland yet?

Three driving modes, on Board

As with most Plug-ins are also available for the two part-electric Land Rover different driving programs: You can force the car into E-mode, you can switch off the electricity in order to use the energy for later, or to leave the electronics to the Director. What the British did not offer, however, is a Batch-Mode, in which the combustion is more and as the battery charges. For this you don’t skimp on the charging power to the power outlet: it takes home more than six hours, until the battery is full. But who can pin on a 32-kW DC power column, which receives 80 per cent in 24 minutes – and can pursue the desire to live on a Smartphone App. Because, of course, it has to be the Plug-in Hybrid also the appropriate networking for remote control from the phone.

While Land Rover takes the long line for the Evoque and Discovery Sport, two other SUV out of the cross fire, and has also announced the new Defender already as a part-time stromer. However, until it is really exciting with the off-road brand, it may take a little longer. Because, although there is with the i-Pace as a battery Crossover in the sister Jaguar, Yes, there is already a template, it is not the first fully electric Land Rover in sight.

don’t do anything, if you believe the words of technical Director Nick Rogers said: “This combination of electrification, Downsizing, and weight reduction in a lot of benefits – at the point of consumption as in the case of the electric range and the possibility of driving emission-free in the city. Whether on long journeys, off road or urban: Our Plug-in Hybrids have the same high level of performance and the Composure, are for the Land Rover models are known.”

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