The new set of Golf clubs


A test drive of The new Golf club is The VW Golf in the group is still the number 1 in the compact class. With the new Skoda Octavia is the daughter of the mother’s stealing, however, is duly on Show. Thomas Geiger3 Kommentare3Klarere edges for elegance: The new Skoda Octavia is knocking loudly on the door to the middle class. Photo: PD

So solid the just-presented VW Golf may be, as smart, efficiently, safely, and confidently – with the Premiere of the new Skoda Octavia sheen gets a massive shadow. Skoda has the Design succeeded, and clarity to the edges for more elegant feed, and the proportions straightened out, the fourth Generation of the Octavia offers a bit more: more space for the kids, more technique, more Finesse and more Details from the Department of “Simply Clever”. Only in the case of the engine of Skoda is marching in the opposite direction and is proud of up to 14 percent less fuel consumption. Only the competitors from Korea, France or Japan to appeal not to lose – for the Golf, the still reigning king of the Compact, the throne belonging to falter. In some countries, such as Switzerland, the Octavia has overtaken the Gulf in the registration statistics years ago.

of Course, Skoda is focusing on the possibilities of the parent group. This is in addition to the platform, especially for the propulsion: So it is here, as there, the first gasoline powered vehicles that are hybrids with 48-Volt-technology-to-Mild -, the Diesel from poking with double AdBlue injection, up to 80 percent less nitrogen oxides, and the Gulf thanks to the Octavia its first Plug-in hybrid, which is also available in Skoda, exactly as in the case of VW in two power levels. With the CNG technology, both also on the same page and offer the identical natural-gas-engine.

Virtual Displays and Head-up Display

it starts here, but first of all, rather conventional, with a 150 PS strong TSI engine with a displacement of 1.5 litres, and a further-developed 2-litre Diesel, available with 115 and 150 HP. This, despite improved exhaust gas purification may not be the most innovative engines, but the most important. The strong Diesel convinced in spite of all the Diesel-criticism, and with its 360 Nm of torque is wonderfully dynamic and with far-sightedness and reluctance to just under five liters to. And with the adaptive dampers, the dovetail of the car either tight with the roadway or butter wegfedern soft all wrong, you quickly forget that you are still in the compact class.

The Cockpit has been thoroughly refurbished and with a new steering wheel with only two spokes, plenty of upgraded materials, and electronics for assistance and Infotainment revived. So there is a virtual Show on two Ten-inch screens and a Head-up Display, there are LED-Matrix headlamps and an Online navigation with its own App Store, there are a lot of Touch Sensors instead of buttons and an army of assistance systems, which help when to Dodge or when the door is opened to cyclists and other road users look.

In each Dimension of a few millimeters grown and now was 4.69 meters long, knocking the new Octavia loudly on the door to the middle class – at least in terms of the space available. Adults sit in the rear comfortably, the trunk was so far the largest in the class and now even when Combi 30 to 640 liters. And then the rubric of “Simply Clever”, in which a couple of clever little things more to find, impress, often precisely because of their simplicity, there is. Because it’s so simple a second, smaller pocket on the backrest of the front seat may be, so practically it is, if the store backbenchers their mobile phones. Who uses a dash Cam and the cable salad behind the glass is tired of has seen the is also on the USB interface in the roof. And at the latest when the next Winter comes, makes the whisk a sense that the Czechs are pushing as an Alternative to any umbrella in the storage compartment in the door.

640 to 1700 litres in the Sedan – more space no offers in the compact segment. Photo: PDMehr technique, more Finesse in the Details, more “Simply Clever”: The Czech Bestseller in all areas. PDAufgeräumt, clear, digital: the interior of The Octavia has been raised to a new level. PDIn Switzerland will not be offered in the sedan at all, here it is anyway only bought the Combi. PD1 / Register 40 comment please comment