all of the German handball Federation (DHB) have audible by panting, as after the victory over Croatia in the semi-finals was achieved. This minimal goal when the mood struck home the world Cup had been with the heavy opponents France and Croatia as a whole is beautiful to the maximum. Was noted the national coach Christian Prokop the burden of this task in the tournament, he had, at least outwardly, and in working with the team as a motivating desire reinterpreted.

Handball-world Cup in 2019, All of the games at a Glance

Even if no one liked to hear more, was the history of this Federal trainer Yes only in the rear on the muffed EM 2018 to declare in Croatia. In his first tournament in the responsibility, has not been a failure, because the coach and the team found each other. Now, where the songs of praise to Prokop and his ability to learn from mistakes as well as by the Public and the DHB-Top singing, comes the Moment, something to take a closer look: Controls the DHB with this coach and these players in fact, in a rosy future?

That per capita income will continue to be looked at critically on the Finger, showed, after a deserved semi-final against Norway. Since many things had not works, what came out of the Bank and previously in the tournament had worked. You can’t come to a decision about these national coach after each game. But a certain skepticism of Christian Prokop and his abilities as a head coach in an emotionally challenging tournament remains, in spite of some of the thrilling games at this world Cup. Vice-President Bob Hanning is still fully behind Prokop, but there is the Association of other voices.

the game plan of the Handball world championship 2019 in Germany and Denmark

The Central question is whether it is between team and Trainer fit, if there is something more than an Alliance, is honest answer way. The success up to Friday has a lot to welded together, the trip to Japan for the national team in the summer of 2018 had their share. In addition, a home world Cup has a meaningful effect in the Form that everyone is motivated. In addition, it is also the clear responsibility of a team, the coach. This was, in particular, in the case of the Germans after the experience of Croatia in 2018.

And yet – if you look at the heads on the bench as the Danes Nikolaj Jacobsen and the Norwegian Christian mountains, you will find other types, different styles of leadership. Democratically nothing is negotiated here. The success is promising? For the Moment Yes, but just the quality, to hear the voices of the players, Prokop been gained for strength is designed, in contrast to his behavior a year ago, when he was quasi by the rule, but failed.

And then it is also easier to send as a Trainer Mikkel Hansen and Rasmus Lauge to the race or Sander Sagosen and Christian O’Sullivan as Tim Suton and Steffen Fäth. Also, in the future, Prokop will have to his team about the wide competitive in the top of the world. Not about individual class. You can answer the question regarding the future of this team, which plays this Sunday (14: 30 in the F. A. Z.-liveticker for the Handball world championship and in the ARD) against France to a world Cup place,with this Trainer is actually the only way: It well may be, until the end of his five-year contract in 2022 and beyond. It doesn’t have to.