The imprisoned ehamalige election campaign chief of President Donald Trump, Paul Manafort, has admitted to a Russian citizen with secret service connections during the presidential election campaign in 2016 survey data is forwarded. In a Tuesday court-filed document Manafort rejects, however, the allegation of special investigator Robert Mueller, to have contact with Konstantin Kilimnik lied. He forgot during the hectic election campaign period, only Details, it said.

special investigator Mueller had been accused of Manafort in November, to have him self-as well as the Federal police, the FBI lied to. A previous cooperation agreement concluded between Mueller and Manafort was obsolete. What Trumps should have lied a former election campaign chief, said Mueller at the time.

In the submitted answer Manaforts are then blackened in Mueller’s document to read. From them, the special investigator of the respondents Manafort whose conversations with Kilimnik in 2016 on a possible peace plan for Ukraine, where both together for a Russia-friendly party had been working on.

The information could be relevant, as that Manafort should have played an important role in the Position the Republicans for the conflict in Ukraine into a Moscow-friendly direction.

the defenders of The Ex-the election of heads of argument in respect of Mueller’s allegations that her client had been employed during the election campaign so that he could not remember every conversation. The same is true for the statement, Manafort have lied about it, to have survey data to Kilimnik redirected.