because of a drone sighting imposed to stop the departures from London’s Heathrow airport has been lifted after an hour. An airport spokeswoman said on
Tuesday evening, AFP, the machine would start up again now. Previously, the startup had been stopped as a “precautionary measure,” said the UK’s largest Airport on Tuesday evening in the short message service Twitter. Heathrow is also one of the most important airports in the world.

shortly before Christmas, the drones had the London Gatwick airport for several days, paralyzed. More than 100 witnesses including pilots and police officers – had spotted the drones there. About 1000 flights were cancelled for security reasons, or diverted. Were affected 140,000 passengers. For the incidents at Gatwick perpetrators have not been caught.

the incident in Gatwick, had been considered by the government consequences. So the police should be given more powers to the landing, seizure and search of the drones, such as the Ministry of transport announced in London. In addition, the government will work to extend the use of technology, the drones in places such as airports or prisons, and blocked can be detected.

in Addition, the exclusion zones around Airports, where flying drones is banned, to a Radius of about five kilometers extended. Starting in November 2019, the drones are supposed to be-the owner is also obliged by law to register. Police officers are expected to search the property, and drones seizures – including the electronic data stored in them.