The players of the Canadian women’s soccer team have told Canada Soccer that they want the issue of World Cup compensation resolved before they fly to Australia.

Hurry up. The Canadians are scheduled to attend a World Cup preparation camp on the Gold Coast, Australia on June 28.

“We’re not at the point of not flying, but the time is coming when we want things done so players don’t have to worry about it while they’re getting ready,” said Canada captain Christine Sinclair.

Canada Soccer and its men’s and women’s teams have been embroiled in a labor dispute for over a year.

“It’s obvious there’s been a lot of change at CSA (Canada Soccer) over the past few months,” Sinclair told The Canadian Press. We knew it would be a fight. We knew it would take time. »

Canada, ranked seventh, will start on July 21 against Nigeria (40th) in Melbourne, before facing Ireland (22nd) on July 26 and Australia (10th) in Melbourne on July 31.

Canada Soccer was asked for comment but did not immediately respond on Wednesday.

The players have reached a tentative agreement with Canada Soccer on compensation for 2022, but say other issues have yet to be resolved.

The players, who came together last summer as the National Men’s Soccer Team Players Association of Canada, are currently working to conclude their first official collective agreement.

Both teams took strike action. The men boycotted a scheduled Vancouver friendly against Panama in June 2022 because they were unhappy with the progress of negotiations.

During the recent CONCACAF Nations League final, men’s coach John Herdman challenged Canada Soccer to “get real” about his team’s funding, saying the rival teams benefit from longer camps and more games.

“I don’t know all the details on the men’s side, but we’re fighting the same fight,” Sinclair said. I think as players we fear that national teams will be left behind when you see the support that other federations give to their teams, to their youth programs, to their professional leagues.

“If we want to stay relevant, yes, some things will have to change. »