(Washington) Industrial production in the United States remained unchanged in February from the previous month, with activity remaining almost stable across all sectors, according to data released Friday by the US Federal Reserve (Fed).

The index stood at 102.6 points, the same level as the revised value recorded for the month of February. Initially the Fed had published an index of 103 points for January.

In detail, mining production and construction are the two sectors with the greatest variation from one month to the next, minimal however, with a respective decline of 0.6 point and 0.5 point. Conversely, that of public utility services (water, electricity) increased slightly, by 0.5 points.

Over one year, the change is again very slight, with a drop of 0.2 points.

The industrial capacity utilization rate also remained unchanged between January and February, at 78 points, up 1.6 points compared to February 2022, but lower than the average calculated between 1972 and 2022 (79.6 points).