In Italy, there is been for a while speculation about the future of Dries Mertens. The Red Devil-the end of a contract at Napoli and has been repeatedly linked with China. Even though hustle and bustle of the attacker, which of rumors recently done the head, its president, Aurelio De Laurentiis, found it necessary to start to come out.

Will was seven-years old player from Rome. Even though he is at the end of June of 2020, the end of the contract, and his message in an interview with the COMPANY from the beginning of October, it was clear as crystal. “I wouldn’t want more than for This to continue,” he said, and then he (once again) reiterated that it was for the big money, does not play to his ambition. “I’m going to certainly not go to China or saudi arabia. I want to be for as long as possible, at the very top to play with.”

In Italy they are, which is what others have said, probably not read, and, therefore, there is wild speculation about where it Will next season be playing. In fact, China is, once again, been mentioned as a possibility. Read The Laurentiis, who is a rather solid response to those rumors about Will and team-mate Jose Callejon, whose contract end after this season.

“I’m definitely not willing to go very far for them to go,” said the flamboyant Italian, in the interview with Sky Sports Italia. “Every player has their value, depending on its position, how it performs, no matter how old he is and what he is doing. As they are (Mertens and Callejon, ed.). looking to sell out-in China, overbetaald want to be there for two or three years of a sh***life, then that’s their problem. I could China is not as competitive as today. China is a long way to go. If they are that’s a different story, then that’s their problem. In life, you have to choose between being happy, and getting a job that you love to do or have to work for it. For me, money is a means, not an end. If they do have a purpose, then they need to be, but to China as well.”

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De Laurentiis revealed that he is an ex-Genspeler Kalidou Koulibaly, one day you will sell it. “I like Koulibaly, the man for whom I have the 105 million was rejected. However, there will come a time when I’m going to sell it. Who’s to say that our defensive position is not strengthened, that is, it is wrong.”

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