Maria with a child’s trains of Simone Becherer – laughs. She is holding closed the lips, but your face wants to burst with joy. The whole body shakes. The choir of the national theatre of Mannheim know why, and singing it very bright and warm. God himself has, in fact, turned to Mary, that God has heard you: “He hath put down the Mighty from their thrones and exalts the lowly. The Hungry he fills with goods and sent the Rich away empty“. The trembling inside Himself gurgle of Mary, a beautiful, contagious cheerful image, by the way, is nothing more than a clenched fist with extended middle finger, only such a gesture sends not for the Holy virgin, not even if Calixto Bieito, for which the limits for obscenity and violence are higher than usual, the “Vespers of the blessed virgin” by Claudio brings Monteverdi to the stage.

Jan Brachmann

editor in the features section.

F. A. Z.

When Maria laughs, all kinds of people and touch their belly. Bieito has very with the bellies. Many of the women in the choir, the bodies round out the bottom dress. And does not do so, as the contractions with her. Brings you a half-ball with a back strap, a pregnancy imitation, standard prop of the theatre. Even if the “Ave Maria” is not sung in the “Marian Vespers” of 1610, pray Bieito staged a line from it: “blessed be the fruit of your belly, Jesus”, gestural shortened: “blessed be your belly”. Because the fruit does not live and is not worthy of praise: Bloody baby dolls are of the zirrhenzart sing Sopranos Amelia Sciolone and Nikola Hillebrand with the birth of pliers pulled from a box. You only have a brief appearance as an interlude in a Parade of bellies. That in prayer “the fruit of thy belly” is Jesus, Bieito no role. So far he’s not coming. The belly is the beginning and the end.

One of the Bass Patrick Zielke. A T-Shirt is stretched, and on which the sentence: “Ecce homo”, translated “Behold, what manner of a man”. However, this could also be a pun, because only shortly before Zielke opens his jacket to let the belly and the “gay” look, he sings with devotion, full of tenderness and süßestem Bass the Antiphon: “let My beloved come into his garden, to eat the fruit of his Apples,” and reaches out to the light and the air as the flower of the bee.

It is very colorful in this “Marian Vespers”, rural, South, physical stresses. A Madman puts on women’s clothes and sings very nice. A priest with a black angel wing distributed lollipops to little girls, followed but no further intentions. That is a good thing. You do not need to fret about this, a staged implementation, it will be settled no old bills, no feelings hurt, nothing is denounced, but also nothing mind due made, not argued, why a liturgical work of the Church space must be brought to the stage is not modeled, what actions on the part of the music rush to the scene. What remains is a sheet of pictures of free associations.