Sport1 Gordon Shumway, after his controversial statements about Darts players not more as an expert and Co-commentator for the Darts world Cup. This is the TV station reported late Wednesday night. As a Master Caller (game announcer on the disc) in the case of professional tournaments in Germany, in the scene known dart connoisseurs had said about the participation of two women at the tournament in London: “I’m not a friend of this circus. I don’t know what this is, two of the women in the case of a professional Darts tournament with a record? Why only two? I think it’s not a good idea.“ Shumway had harvested this massive criticism was supported in the forums of many of the dart players, including women, but also.

Shumway had said among other things: “At Bayern Munich, no woman plays in the Team. As we all know, Darts is a mental game. And men will probably always have a Problem to play against women.“ The 50-Year-old had apologized a few minutes later, live in the Transmission for his statements, but the transmitter is not enough, obviously. Sport1 will use according to their own information until the end of the world Cup, “shifting experts” on the side of the commentator Basti Schwele.

That, of course, of all things, Sport1 uses so vehemently for a politically correct dealing with women, it may surprise you a little: On the transmitter, so-called “sports Clips” where scantily clad women are shown running, finally, after midnight.

resigned The living in England and playing Russian Anastasia Dobromyslowa was living in London at the Ryan Joyce in the first round, as before, the Englishwoman Lisa Ashton.The 34-year-old Dobromyslowa and the 48-year-old Ashton played very well, the Englishwoman won in their 1:3 defeat against the Dutchman Jan Dekker thanks to a brilliant throw shows even a sentence. The two ladies were but simply not good enough over a longer distance with the top players compete. Your participation owed you two places, which were plays alone in women-only tournaments.

These quota places will offer the PDC, only in the coming year, once again, as a marketer Barry Hearn said in an Interview with Sport1 just during Shumways last appearance on Wednesday afternoon. Then women would have to earn then in the normal way against men and their world Cup Ticket. With this argument, Hearn corresponded, to some extent, the criticism Shumways, at the same time, the statements suggest that the PDC at the Opening for women only in the public discussions.

European champion James Wade won the world Cup, meanwhile, is expected to be the opening match. The 35-year-old Englishman struck late Wednesday night, the Japanese Seigo Asada with 3:2 and moved to the third round. Asada had the day before, surprisingly, the Polish secret favorites Krzysztof Ratajski with 3:2 defeated. Before Wade had left with the Dutchman, Raymond van Barneveld and Peter Wright of Scotland, the two co-favorites in the morning. For Germany’s Max Hopp and Gabriel Clemens are still in the tournament. Hopp meets on Saturday on the world’s number one Michael van Gerwen, Clemens is expected on Friday, a Clash with the Scot John Henderson.