Travel. What do the French like to travel! According to a survey on the mobility of people, the French make an average of 6.3 trips more than 80 kilometers from their home. The study conducted by the Ministry of Ecological Transition shows that it is 374 million journeys in one year. Statistically, one trip in five is more than 500 km from the place of departure. And for destination, it is established that in 2019, 39.9 million trips took place to continental Europe.

So going on a trip, yes, but where exactly? Not easy to choose among the 195 countries of the world recognized by the United Nations. To help you, Planet has produced the slideshow below according to the annual report of the World Economic Forum. The WEF has established this ranking taking into account various factors, knowing that the natural and cultural heritage has been honored:

However, the happiness index of the inhabitants of the country is not taken into account in the criteria of this ranking. This indication, according to the Geo site, determines whether residents are happy there. It uses GDP and the level of individual freedom or corruption to determine the level of well-being. When the countries are ranked according to him, Finland is in first position. In any case, this is what the World Happiness Report indicates.