Scams: the 5 messages that should not be followed up in December


The holiday season is particularly fruitful for scammers. Indeed, it is a time of the year during which we are generally less careful about the outflow of money, given the fact that we spend a lot. The general vibe of carelessness and haste also facilitates phishing scams.

There are many reflexes to adopt to escape scam attempts. The presence of spelling errors in an email or an SMS supposedly sent by an official body should put you on the alert immediately.

Another reflex to acquire is to scrupulously check the email addresses from which you receive an email asking you for an unusual action. Each box or distributor has at least one official email address, which must correspond to the letter to the recipient of the email. With regard to SMS, it is the sender’s number that must be verified. If it is that of a mobile phone, the chances are high that you are the subject of a scam attempt.

The purpose of such messages may also challenge you: if they encourage you to call a paid number starting with 08, or a four-digit number starting with a 3, it is most likely a scam. In any case, if the message evokes an urgent situation, or a crisis, be very careful: it is an extremely common ploy among scammers.

So find below the 5 emails or SMS which you should be wary of in this month of December.