It was during a trip to Liglet, in Vienne, that Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne presented her plan for the campaigns. But then, what does this change for rural people? We explain to you the results of the announcements made by the Prime Minister.

Elisabeth Borne announced 40 measures to respond to the problems that the rural world has been experiencing for some time, on June 15. His plan for the countryside, Plan France Ruralités, was highly anticipated given the number of rural communes in France. Indeed, 88% of French municipalities are rural. As reminds us, “a third of the French population” lives in one of these municipalities. So, what measures does Elisabeth Borne offer? Find the Prime Minister’s announcements in our slideshow available below.

The measures announced by the government concern several issues. Indeed, measures for municipalities, for mobility, for education, for health, as well as for housing, have been announced by the Prime Minister.

While the government indicates that “to fight against the feeling of inequality and relegation that rural areas can suffer from, we must help communities and elected officials to carry out projects that transform daily life”, what does it intend to do exactly? ? Find the results of the forty measures proposed by Elisabeth Borne in Liglet on June 15, in our slideshow available below.