It is the most widely read national newspaper in Australia, The Us, announces the release of a podcast on the work of the young Belgian, But Hayez. It is now five months since the then-18-year-old backpacker at the end of his tour of Australia, disappeared in the coastal town of Byron Bay. The examination is held rigidly in place. His family is turned, therefore, to a reporter for possible lines of discussion, in the hope that this is the case, in a rapid touch.

The podcastreeks, ‘The lighthouse,’ The lighthouse’) will attempt the removal of He Hayez, on may 31, 2019, to retrace and discuss the various possibilities with your family and the volunteers.

The range takes its name from the lighthouse at Byron Bay, where He’s the last signal of the afternoon after his disappearance, it was taken care of. A large part of the search focused on the cliffs, forests and beaches that surround the tower. Without a breakthrough. In July it took the police physical searches stop in september, the investigation was officially closed, and the case was transferred to the coroner or anarchist.

will This continue to be many questions about Theo’s disappearance remain unanswered. For example, the results of a DNA test on a cap at the beginning of July at a grove near the lighthouse was found to have not been released. He’s family, there is a strong visible similarities, however, believe that the cap is on, so the only tangible clue seems to be. But how did He get there?

“don’t Believe that he had been”.

Theo’s father, Laurent. Photo: BELGA

the Family and local volunteers, has never stopped searching for the boy. At the request of Theo’s family, joined the national criminaliteitscorrespondent of The Australian, David Murray, at the official searches and for the last three months to find out. According to Murray, will be ‘The lighthouse,’ “He’s family, and the local volunteers will help and support them in their quest for answers.”

Theo’s parents, Laurent Hayez and Vinciane Delforge a notice in the newspaper, and give thanks to the journalist of The Australian, for their dedication to the story of Theo’s disappearance, and to tell it in the podcast. “We are thrilled with this collaboration and with the hope that the answers can be found. Are We to believe that, But not all of them had been on the night he disappeared, and that, sooner or later, someone has to speak up. (…) We have been working closely with David in the development of the podcast, and believe that, in addition to the study of the coroner , this is the best way to move forward is at this point in time. We won’t give up until we get to know what He has been done.”

Arrest of a former podcast.

now, The Australian has gained a reputation for investigative journalism. In the newspaper, and helped out in 2018, the investigation into the disappearance of a Trip to Dawson in 1982, and the move of the 28-million copies downloaded in more than one country’s most listened-to podcast in the ‘teacher’s pet’. That took a few runs and created a lot of pressure from the population, which ultimately ended in the arrest of the Dawsons man on suspicion of murder.

‘to The lighthouse’ can be listened to in the Apple Podcasts, and Music.

you can Check out the video below, which, if the trailer has been published.

Video: ‘The Australian.

find out More about it But Hayez, More than 300 hackers are going to be looking at But Hayez Parents, He Hayez continue to hope for further investigations: “Many questions remain unanswered,” an Emotional vigil for a missing Belgian-He Hayez, “We still have a long way to go, so please continue to talk about it” He Hayez’s not forget that Australian volunteers of the event is gone to be Belgian