The Commission de la construction du Québec wants to continue to increase audits of the books and site visits over the next few years, in a context where the industry is operating at full capacity.

The CCQ states its desire to this effect in its Strategic Plan for 2023-2025, which it recently unveiled.

For example, in 2020, it had carried out 999 checks on the books of construction companies, then 1076 in 2021 and 1255 in 2022.

“The context of overheating, coupled with the shortage of labor and the difficulties of supply, constitutes fertile ground for all kinds of unfair maneuvers,” she writes in her strategic plan.

“These reasons legitimize strategic attention by the CCQ to promote fair competition,” she adds.

The organization recalls that during the period 2020-2022, it “targeted the most damaging schemes” and thus managed to improve the results.

“The current context requires maintaining the intensity of verification and investigation actions, particularly with regard to the fight against undeclared work. To promote fair competition, the CCQ will continue to increase the number of book checks carried out and site visits,” she warns.