Transparency list of lobby and watch These parliamentarians declare their EinkünfteIn the new transparency list of lobby watch stand out are two things: the Newly-elected National and Ständeräte disclose your income rather. And from a party wanted to do not a single member. 23 Kommentare23Nicht all put their income open to: vote during the summer session in Bern. Keystone/Anthony Anex

More than half of the new members of Parliament have declared their income. This is from the on Monday published a transparency list 2020 of the lobby shows.

The newly-elected members of the National Council and Council of States were more willing to talk about their non-parliamentary income, as this was in the “old” Parliament, it was said more. Of the 79 new members of the Council 44 increased accordingly, compared to the transparency platform lobby is the income from their commitments to fully open. These were, after all, 55.7 percent. Two members of the Council said, according to the Communiqué, also, a portion of their compensation.

The differences between the groups were striking: Of the 23 newly elected members of the green group, your income, what corresponds to approximately 91 percent declared all but two. Place 2 of the transparency of the joyful consequence of the SP with 54 percent.

In the case of the green liberal party and the middle group made at least half of the newly-Elected transparency. In the case of the FDP, it had been only 30 percent.

In the last place, the SVP, according to the organization. None of the 11 newly elected members of the Council could be expected to bring, its income from mandates in associations, organizations, and companies.

(SDA /sep)

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