“New normality”, according to Corona – you have to beachtenMit as of today, when shopping abroad, the opening of the border of Switzerland to the EU is allowed to the shopping tourism. Which rules remain and what need to take note of shopping tourists. An Overview.44 Kommentare44″clearance point export note”: Due to the Corona-crisis, were not able to shop for Swiss shopping tourists since the March 2020 so easy in the German border region. Photo: Felix Kästle/Keystone

the Three months the borders of Switzerland were guarded strictly: Only those who had a valid reason, was allowed to leave the country. Shopping abroad is a No-Go. Whoever it is, nevertheless, fact, the threatened fines of up to 100 Swiss francs. This is now. From Monday, 15. June, at midnight, on the borders of the EU – and Efta-States.

shopping in Germany and Austria is possible again. Risk-based controls, there continues to be, in order to prevent smuggling and crime, as the Federal Council writes. As the duty is on the rush, and what shopping tourists need to consider in preparation:

Which countries have a mask compulsory?

In Germany, the mask is mandatory. This means that in all the stores in the Wearing of the protective mask is mandatory. The Coiffeur visit must also be with a protective mask worn. Also in Austria, a mask is mandatory in the shops, it was previously. However, with the opening of the border on 15. June, is hereby repealed in Vorarlberg. This means that normal purchases can be made without a mask. In the pharmacy you have to wear but a mask.

when is the mask mandatory in public TRANSPORT?

In Germany and Austria needs to be worn in public transport a mask. This is also true in the trains of the SBB: as soon As a train rolls across the border, has to be placed in a protective mask. In the Online timetable and tell passengers to be pointed out how the SBB says to “20 minutes”.

the Same applies also in the case of the Basel transport Companies (BVB): Driving a Tram across the border to Germany, passengers must put on a mask. Just before the crossing was referred to the mask of duty, as a BVB media spokesman explained.

there Is export notes?

While the Corona-crisis has been stamped by the German customs not to export pieces of paper. Since the 2. In June, the customs officials are back to their punch stations. At this time, the borders for shopping, tourists still open. But anyone who entered for good reasons, was allowed to go shopping in Germany. Therefore, the export of paper had been re-introduced, such as the package service MyPaketshop writes.

new rules: export certificates must be completed before Entering the terminal building is complete. Ball-point pen and places to Fill in not available on-site. Thus, the length of stay of persons to be limited in the customs offices to a Minimum.

How to prepare for the dealer?

The German retailers expect a rush of Swiss shopping tourists and are concerned about the mask duty. They fear that Swiss shopping tourists do not wear masks. Therefore, the Rhine center has increased in Weil am Rhein, the security staff: The security team had been doubled as the Center Director, says. In the country of purchase are extra, sold for Swiss masks to the customer information.

it is the big rush?

The retailers in the South of Germany have been badly affected by the border closure: The retail food sales of between 30 and 60 percent went back. Because of 2019 have customers from Switzerland, in the country of Lörrach, Waldshut and Constance circles bought for around 1.5 billion euros.

As the rush after the opening of the border will be, no one can say exactly. Experts expect shopping tourism is relatively quickly back to his old level. Local traders expect that at least 80 percent of the border closure obtained sales moving again.

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