The trade surplus of China has decreased in the past year, in trade with the United States but. In comparison to the previous year, to 2018, the Income was down in global trade by 16.2 percent to nearly 351.8 billion dollars, as the Chinese customs announced on Monday. Accordingly, the imports rose by 15.8 percent, the Chinese exports, but only to 9.9 percent.

in contrast, trade with the United States developed: the Chinese trade surplus increased in comparison to the year-on-year by 17.2 percent to 323.3 billion dollars. Exports to America increased the official Chinese Figures show that in 2018, up by 11.3 percent. China’s imports from the United States rose only 0.7 percent.

The Chinese trade surplus is the American President Donald Trump has long been a thorn in the eye. The two largest economies in the world therefore, since months ago in a Trade dispute and plated since that time to each other with a whole range of punitive tariffs.