The huge 52-foot steel structure will be re-erected on the Place Ville Marie (PVM) esplanade for most of July – twice a day, July 7-30. The show that will be presented there, created by Cirque Éloize, is the main element of the outdoor program unveiled Monday by Montréal Complètement cirque.

There will therefore be only one giant, rather than three, as was the case last year, with identical steel structures erected in Vinet Park – near the Atwater Market – and in Émilie-Gamelin Park. .

This year, the general and artistic director of the Tohu and the Festival Montréal Complètement cirque, Stéphane Lavoie, has set his sights on downtown, and preferred to extend the duration of the performances rather than multiply the venues.

Cirque Éloize – which created the show last year at Émilie-Gamelin – is working on this new summer creation directed by Benoît Landry (Serge Fiori, solo ensemble, Celeste cabaret, at Fairmount).

In a video broadcast from Cathcart, where the outdoor lineup was announced Monday, the director briefly explained the concept of the roughly 30-minute acrobatic piece titled Ode to Joy.

“The 12 acrobats will appear with a mission: to storm the giant in order to reach the top of the structure. It is the idea of ​​personal triumph over what is beyond us, what is bigger and stronger than us. »

The cost of the operation is not trivial. Tourism Minister Caroline Proulx, who was present at the Cathcart on Monday, confirmed that her ministry had invested 1.8 million in the project. “Montreal remains the main gateway for tourists,” she recalled.

“This type of event confirms that Montreal is a world capital of the circus, she continued, but it is also a way to bring tourists and bring back workers who can stay in town and enjoy these events. -there. »

Proulx said she has a target of 65 million tourists by 2026, the equivalent of 5 billion in foreign currency.

The PVM giant was also able to benefit from the support of the Service de la culture de la Ville de Montréal, which injected $300,000 into the project, in addition to $630,000 for the free portion of the program festival.

A second giant has been installed outside the Tohu, it allows acrobats to train and rehearse this summer’s show. Will the Giant be an annual event? Stéphane Lavoie wishes it, but cannot confirm it given the significant investments it requires.

“Of course, now that we have the structures, the costs are going down, but it’s still an expensive project that has to be financed every year. On the other hand, if it is a success, we can hope that he will come back. In any case, we have requests to present it elsewhere! It’s possible to take it apart and put it back together quite easily, but the transport costs are still high…”

Place Émilie-Gamelin, Montréal Complètement cirque’s favorite spot, will not be abandoned. An outdoor show will be created there by Agile Talon, Guardian of Time. The acrobats of this creation will soar in a metal structure in the shape of a clock.

Cirqu’Easy is also back in the Latin Quarter with a host of activities organized at Place Pasteur. Ditto for rue Saint-Denis (south of Sherbrooke), which will be the playground of many circus artists.

Outside of Tohu, the Goldencrust family will arrive from Florida with their famous trailer for another round of performances – a truly family-friendly show. The Two of Spades duo is made up of circus artists and actors Philippe Trépanier and Tamara Bousquet.

Finally, nine Montreal neighborhoods will present free outdoor shows by Montréal Complètement cirque. Not to mention the 14 shows (paying) presented indoors.