A man in India it was taught in a brutal way, and why you should never honk at a bull. Then the man on his horn, blowing it to the bull, which stood in the way of the animal was quite wild. The driver was able to escape and get out of the vehicle, but the car had a hard time of it. The bull went on a wild rampage, and know that the car is almost over. Finally managed to passers-by to put the beast away to hunt. The driver was lucky the car had to be towed because it no longer wanted to boot after the attack.

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Chaos is when the bull is a group attack, which is a local politician in hands

the Spanish toreador is fighting for his life after a bull to him, spietst and meesleurt by arena:

More about that by any chance? The woman is furious after her dog is scared, reacts during a fireworks display, “Would be prohibited, should be,” This baby elephant thinks he’s a schoothond has been a Naughty little boy who steals a bike at daycare and it sucks, then a fun escape from the space between his thumb Bystanders were very surprised: why the syringe is there for a few minutes, a jet of water out of the skyscraper?