the altar, Bible and incense swivel: A thief with a penchant for Sacred music has made to the police in Hesse thing. The 29-Year-old was last week and Christmas in the three churches. On Thursday, the visit to a Church in Burghaun was his undoing. Witnesses saw how he grabbed in the town Church, the altar Bible in his backpack and in the house of God, ate Breakfast.

with a two-Meter-long wall bar-equipped young man initially, but later, in his apartment in hunfeld the arrested had fled. There, the police also found sacred objects from churches in the castle Hauner District Hünhan and from Hünfeld-Tail. In Hünan the things were gone on the second day of Christmas, in Tail on the 17. December. The 29-Year-old is being investigated by the police, probably, psychologically.