The police in Mainz arrested on Saturday a 26-year-old Syrians on suspicion of an attack in the Netherlands. The arrested man standing in the urgent suspicion of preparing to commit a terrorist attack in the Netherlands, involved, informed the Rhineland-Palatinate state office of criminal investigation (LKA). The arrest of a delivery of the Dutch justice based on the request.

The detained Syrians have no place of residence in Germany and was not in this country entered into a criminal in appearance. He should be paraded on Sunday the detention of judges in Mainz. On the admissibility of extradition to the Netherlands, the Koblenz higher regional court had to decide about the authorisation of the Prosecutor General in Koblenz.

The apartment in which the man was found in the afternoon, was reported to be searched. For further details, did not want to tell the LKA with the reference to the competent police in Rotterdam. The Dutch police had previously reported the arrest of four terrorist suspects. Special forces and police officers took the men, therefore, in Rotterdam on Saturday and searched several apartments in the port city. The men are also suspected to be in the “preparation of a terrorist Offence” may have been involved. According to the LKA Mainz, the investigations are ongoing. The German and Dutch police authorities were in close contact.

stroke prevented in a large-scale event

in September, the Dutch police had foiled a major attack. In the cities of Arnhem and Weert, seven Suspects were arrested to have planned an attack on a major event. In the apartments of the Suspects the investigators found large quantities of materials for making bombs, including a hundred kilograms of fertilizer.