Brussels –

the statue of Manneken Pis may be 400 years old again, and that’s going to be the city of Brussels, in an appropriate way to celebrate. The most well-known plassende man will receive a commemorative coin, a new costume, and this year will also be the guest of honour at winter wonders.

Everyone knows about the Manneken Pis, but not everyone is familiar with its history. In the king’s house, facing the town hall of Brussels is the Grand place, visitors are able to now find out that the current version of the plassende man in 1619 by sculptor Jerome Duquesnoy was created, but it is also the first mention of the fountain and all of the 1451 please try again later. Or is it that the statute, throughout its history, even with two times, has been made.

However, a highlight of the year ketje is winter fun later this year. At the Brussels ‘ christmas market, is, he guest of honor, and there will be a grand treasure hunt will be organised. An app with geo-location, there is a scavenger hunt for all ages, for a nice price and results.

you can Also get the statue of Manneken Pis, for its 400th birthday party, a costume, too. He is now 1.032, which is a big part of the Wardrobe MannekenPis. The new suit will have to be designed for a school in the city of Brussels, belgium. Every school should have a design or a prototype and submit it.

Still, on the occasion of the 400th anniversary, the Royal Mint of Belgium, is a unique, 2,5 euro coin with the statue of Manneken Pis, which is available at Finally, for the first time in a scientific publication, it plassende it all.
More about the Manneken Pis statue, Manneken Pis statue, is left with empty hands and leave it on the box of a Monopoly game in Brussels would have censored the statue of Manneken Pis denies suit by Michael Jackson to carry the statue of Manneken Pis wants to be the costume of Michael Jackson, do not carry the Manneken Pis statue, is at most overestimated tourist attractions