Security vulnerabilities on WhatsApp: the update to be done as soon as possible


More security. The Meta group has repaired two flaws in the widely used Whatsapp application. The latter revealed last week that its messaging service was affected by two very serious bugs, Le Parisien reported.

The first made it possible for a virus to be installed or for a hacker to take control of the device remotely following a video call. The cybercriminal was launching malicious computer code… To consider its dangerousness, the group had assigned the highest level of threat to the bug, with a score of 9.8/10, at a “critical” level.

The second flaw consisted of the injection of malicious computer code via a corrupted video sent to the user’s application. It was further assessed as a “high” risk. For the time being, a WhatsApp spokesperson told US media outlet TechCrunch that it did not appear that a hacker had taken advantage of these security breaches, Le Parisien reported.

No worries. The application and these two flaws have been corrected following an update. Alas, the breaches still concern older versions of the application. So be sure to check that this has been done correctly. Although it usually happens on its own, it may not happen automatically if you have chosen to refuse it in your phone settings.

On Android and IOS, the version must be more recent than v2.22.16.12… To be sure, look in the “parameters” or “settings” section depending on your phone.