The internationals have come back Sunday to wait for STVV. From the start, the real work for the new Anderlecht coach Frank Vercauteren (62). Therefore, it kept the RSCA as a group, in which each player is considered to have been thought of being able to say the team itself is also a lot of listening. Nobody reviewed Vincent Kompany, but Vercauteren, it will be purple and white, is it more result-oriented football.

Frank Vercauteren shook yesterday during a training session in the hands of the Yari Verschaeren. The internationals will be back, even Chadli, and Kayembe lined up at the start. Just as the national promises were still there. Sambi-Lokonga and co. complete only the core.

up To now, Vercauteren said very little. During the interlandbreak was trained in a small group, and the players will know and love him as a toekijkende as a coach. Not a big talker. But, as he said, ” it was, however, < / I> to the point . Of no blah blah. Each hammered Vercauteren very hard to be efficient, on the ball and bring it forward.

Kompany is not at STVV?

in the Meantime, the new coach will have a conference call. It was given to everyone in the locker room and the chance to have a say and to provide ventilation. No one opposed, Vincent Kompany, and no one wants to be the approach of the – Vince-The-Prince , just throw away. In any case, no.

That is, Vercauteren didn’t intend to. On the field, there is no other trained over a year ago. All of the assistants are still there from Davies to Zetterberg, but the word of Anderlecht, has been changed. The Trust The Process and Improve The Process. has become. To improve the process. Having regard to the age of 13 and the mean of 9 to 30 would Vercauteren keen on the significance of the results. That he was doing so, and it goes against the philosophy of Kompany, it is inevitable. It’s when the veteran coach is not down. After the victory in Chaleroi, should Anderlecht and now it really is 6 of 6 of books at STVV and Three.

And what is Kompany there, all of them? The Red Devil is just a little less visible. This is mainly due to the players and the manager will have to focus on the rehabilitation of his hamstring injury. He is still getting in the gym and making progress, but maybe he takes Sunday against STVV are still not exposed to any risk. In the league cup at the Beerschot took Kompany has already agreed to early in the morning.

Saelemaekers from his muscle injury but will be fit again. He has practiced in full and is on this weekend, just as Hendrik Van Crombrugge (shoulder) can be used.

a New business opportunity?

Under Vercauteren, there are actually a lot of players who are hoping for a second chance. Knowledge Musona, Yevheni Makarenko, Alexandru Chipciu, Adrien Trebel… They were all noted on the training course. Since the possibility cannot be excluded that the 18-year-old right back Killian Sardella just rest, hope, especially, Chipciu is on the rehabilitation. However, all these guys are no nodes taken.

It’s just a fact that Anderlecht is not more than is in the rechtsachters. Even though there was also some good news from the hospital. Andy Najar posted a video of himself working hard in the gym, and after a meniscusoperatie. At the end of the year, the Hondurees wedstrijdfit-to-be.

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