The devastating Eden the Tsunami in Indonesia triggered according to official data, an Eruption of the in the Sundastraße about 50 kilometers from the coast of a remote volcano Anak Krakatau. A photographer published photos and a Video on Instagram showing the Aschwolken above the volcano. The shots were taken during an Overflight on 23. December 17.06 hrs (local time), as the photographer stating on his instagram page.

The vibration of the eruption had led to official data, to a landslide that caused the Tsunami. The flood wave hit a total of five districts in Java and Sumatra. The worst is the district of Pandeglang was devastated in the West of Java. At least 429 people were killed. It is only now that the helpers have reached even the most remote villages that were destroyed by the indirectly by a volcanic eruption triggered a Tsunami.

The number of victims could still rise, with More than 1485 people have been injured, and 154 more were still missing, said the Indonesian disaster protection on Tuesday. In addition, heavy rain hampered the rescue operations. Roads in the particularly affected province of Banten at the southwestern tip of the island of Java were already before the Tsunami in poor condition. Now, many can only be made with the help of excavators passable.

Among the numerous Victims of the Indonesia popular Band was Seventeen. The musicians were swept away during their concert on a beach stage by the Tsunami. Only singer Riefian Fajarsyah survived. His wife died, as well as the other band members. On Instagram, the musician, he could not apologized for the burial of band members traveling, he had to stay with his wife.

on Monday, thousands of people were back in their homes returned. Many had fled because of rumours of another Tsunami in temporary shelters. Germans are not, according to the foreign office by the Monday among the Victims.

The volcano Anak Krakatau – the “child of Krakatau” – has not yet come to rest. The island has been growing for decades, from the Remnants of the devastating Explosion of Krakatoa in 1882, almost completely destroyed the volcano island from the sea.