now, Halfway through their dubbelduel to China, the Red Panthers, with 0-2 in front, with a slightly gevleide position, which, however, Tokyo 2020 is a step to get closer to will. On Saturday morning at 10 o’clock Belgian time, the second time in China. After two matches, the most goals it has scored, and qualified for the Olympic Games. In case of a tie, decide shootouts.

After less than a minute and scored Another Boon to the from 0 to 1, start with a strong first quarter, during which Belgium’s Barbara Nelen, and two of the strafcorners flirted with the 0 to 2. Thereafter, the restored the home side, backed up by a couple of hundred students, it is a balance. A Chinese penaltycorner all the amenities just next to it, and keepster Aisling D’hooghe was with an slr and a rescue, though it was also Louise Versavel have a chance to stick.

Saturday-the second match.

now, Thanks to a portion of luck has doubled in Belgium, his / her score. The first was it was a slight penalty corner is awarded, which will Stephanie Vanden Borre, then, that a Chinese stick binnenknalde.

The Panthers are starting today, with a 0-2 advantage of each one of the second match. Can/should this still fail? “We will continue to need to improve their play in the first match,” explains Anne-Sophie Weyns.