The General Assembly of the United Nations has adopted the Global migration Pact formally. For the Pact agreed on Wednesday in New York 152 of 193 UN member countries, including Germany. With the United States, Poland, Hungary, Israel and the Czech Republic, five States voted “no”. A further twelve countries abstained.

The rest of the countries took part in the vote. The “global Pact for a safe, orderly and regular Migration” was already at 10. December decided at a UN conference in the Moroccan city of Marrakech of government representatives with a large majority.

The Pact does not establish a right to Migration. It contains seven guiding principles, and 23 goals, in order to regulate the often chaotic movements on hazardous routes, and to promote the Integration of migrants in the receiving countries. Around 277 million migrants according to the UN, far from their home countries, mainly for economic reasons.